Summer Savory – The Oil of Uninhibited Fervour

Summer Savory – The Oil of Uninhibited Fervour

Summer Savory is an annual herb native throughout Europe and has also become naturalised in North America. It grows to around 30 to 60 cm and blooms lilac tubular flowers from July to September. The herb has been used to flavour many dishes in European and North American cuisines, adding a spicy flavour to soups and bean dishes. The essential oil is gifted to you when the leaves are steam distilled.
Summer Savory is connected to the mythical beings the satyrs. They were men who possessed the hind-quarters and sometimes the ears and horns of goats or horses. The most well-known satyr is Pan, the god of the wilderness. They were renowned for their uninhibited bravery, debortuous celebrations and lustful appetites. However, from the willingness to experience the full breadth of life, they are known to gain great wisdom. The satyrs resided in wild grottos, often where Summer Savory would grow. Thus, their energy is linked and Summer Savory and its essential oil.

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