Pure Tallow Soap Recipe | HOW TO MAKE SOAP FROM SCRATCH | Bumblebee Apothecary

Pure Tallow Soap Recipe | HOW TO MAKE SOAP FROM SCRATCH | Bumblebee Apothecary

PURE TALLOW SOAP RECIPE | HOW TO MAKE SOAP FROM SCRATCH // This pure tallow soap makes a gorgeous creamy lathering bar. Today I’m showing you how to make soap from scratch!

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32 oz. tallow
4.2 oz. lye
12.16 oz. water
1.5 fl. oz. essential oils (optional)


Weigh tallow and put into a crockpot. I find it is easiest to melt the tallow before weighing. If tallow is below 100 degrees F, turn the crockpot on low to gently heat the tallow.
Weigh the water in a heat safe container or sturdy plastic bucket, and weigh lye separately.
Check the temperature of the tallow. You want it to be 100 degrees F. Let tallow cool if necessary.
Once tallow is 100 degrees F, take the lye and water outdoors. Wearing gloves and safety goggles, carefully and slowly pour the lye into the water. Stir gently.
Once the lye water has turned from cloudy to clear, leave it to cool for 10 minutes.
Carefully pour the lye water into the tallow.
Use an immersion blender to mix the soap. After a few minutes, it will grow creamy, and start to thicken. Mix until it has reached β€œtrace,” the light pudding consistency.
Add the essential oils (if using) and blend again to incorporate.
Pour soap into molds, top with wax paper, and wrap molds in towels.
After 24 hours, remove soap from mold and slice into bars. Let cure in an area with good air flow for 4 weeks.

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