Organic Calm Hemp Treats for Dogs: Dog Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid

Organic Calm Hemp Treats for Dogs: Dog Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid

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Organic Calm Hemp Treats for Dogs: Dog Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid for Hyperactive or Aggressive Pets – Daily Supplement to Support Joints and Healthy Skin and Coat – 120 Soft Chews, Chicken Flavor

Stressful situations, like car rides, thunderstorms or fireworks, can leave your furry friend feeling anxious. These chicken flavored Happy Hemp Calming Bites from Moe’s Organics are here to naturally calm your pet, helping him to retain composure in stressful situations. Give the bites to your pet daily to ease separation anxiety, or use as needed in high stress environments. With each purchase, a donation is made to National Mill Dog Rescue to help dogs in need.

Constant barking, pacing or jumping are common misbehaviors of high energy dogs. Instead of scolding your canine companion, consider our naturally calming alternative to right these behaviors. Our supplement contains organic chamomile and thiamine to soothe and relax your pup without drowsiness. When given to your pet daily, these hemp bites help to calm hyperactive or overly aggressive tendencies in dogs.

The hemp protein powder in our chews contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory fatty acids. These acids work to reduce painful inflammation in the joints, helping to relieve stiffness caused by arthritis or old age. With the use of our daily supplement, you’ll get your pet back to the active lifestyle of their younger days and see the familiar spring in their step return.

Our daily chews help to support a healthier pet. The ingredients in each bite not only calm and relax your furry friend, but also promote healthy skin, nails and coat. The omega fatty acids contained in the hemp are essential for healthy skin and also help to relieve irritating skin allergies that make your pet scratch.

Each bite is packed with organic hemp and calming chamomile, while the addition of valerian root helps to reduce restlessness, scratching, paw licking and chewing problems. The natural chews eliminate the need for medications or sedatives.