Make Cold-Processed Homemade Soaps

Make Cold-Processed Homemade Soaps

It’s always good to know what you’re applying on your skin, and what’s better than making your own soap in a fragrance of your choice with the ingredients you like.
In this video, we tell you the simplest way to make soaps at home in under an hour.
Ingredient you’ll need:

• 100 grams Caustic Soda
• 400 ml water
• 800 ml Coconut Oil
• Strong Plastic Container
• Wooden or Plastic Spoon
• Silicon Moulds or Plastic Trays (1-2 inch height)

Additional/optional ingredients:

• For Fragrance – Essential Oils according to your liking (lemongrass, lavender, rose, eucalyptus, badam rogan, etc.)
• For Scrub – Orange peel powder, coffee powder, coconut shreds, etc.
• For Skin Lightening or smoothening – Lemon juice, aloevera gel, charcoal powder, etc.
The recipe to follow:

• Add 100 grams of Caustic Soda in a big plastic container.
• Add 400 ml water in the container and mix the caustic soda and water until dissolved. Remember not to make any skin contact during this step.
• Let it rest for 30 minutes or until the mixture comes to room temperature.
• Start adding coconut oil in small quantities and keep mixing for 25-35 minutes. Stirring constantly plays a big role here.
• Once you see a properly mixed creamy batter, you can add whichever essential oil, scrub or other organic items you prefer to the batter.
• Pour the soap batter into silicon moulds or a plastic container (remember to grease the plastic container before pouring the batter, and tap the containers on a table to let excess air out and also for the batter to settle properly.
• Let the soaps rest for 3-5 days.
• When you think they’re hard enough, take them out of the mould, cut them into shapes if you like, pack and gift to your loved ones and just start using them instantly.
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