Learn to Make Sunshine Soap with Orange and Calendula

Learn to Make Sunshine Soap with Orange and Calendula

Learn how to make cold process scented with 10X Orange Essential Oil and Yuzu Fragrance Oil. It’s a bright, effervescent and citrusy combination. The soap is made in the Vertical Soap Mold, which is a great way to add variety to your cold process recipes. The batch is split and Calendula petals to one half and Fizzy Lemonade Colorant to the other half, giving it a natural and bright look.

If you have never made cold process soap, stop right now and watch the first four videos on cold process soapmaking. It’s important to learn how to safely use lye safely and get a couple of basic recipes under your belt before you dive into the vertical mold soap, which is an advanced technique.

1.3 oz Castor Oil
17.6 oz Coconut Oil
4.4 oz Palm Oil
17.6 oz Rice Bran Oil
3 oz Shea Butter
6.2 oz Lye
14.5 oz Distilled Water

Colors, Additives and Scents:
1/4 oz Calendula Petals
2 oz Yuzu Fragrance Oil
1 teaspoon Fizzy Lemonade Colorant
9 ml oil from the batch
2 oz Orange 10X Essential Oil
Vertical Wood Mold

Get everything you need:

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