How to self-treat sternocleidomastoid muscle trigger points – trigger point release

How to self-treat sternocleidomastoid muscle trigger points – trigger point release

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This short instructional video will show you how to treat sternocleidomastoid muscle trigger points. Trigger points may be more clinically important than most health professionals realize, and muscle pain seems to be a growing problem.

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The sternocleidomastoid muscle, or ‘SCM’ for short, not only leads to neck pain, but can also cause a wide variety of other symptoms such as headaches and difficulty swallowing. That’s why most of us may overlook this muscle as the major cause of our pain. You see, these trigger points, or muscle knots, can refer pain to areas away from the source of pain.

In this instructional video, you’re going to learn how to use your hands to easily find the painful muscle knots that are giving you muscle pain or headaches. Simply hold the pressure for a few seconds and move to the next spot. Doing self treatments for several days should lead to pain relief. Here are a few things to remember about sternocleidomastoid trigger points:

Don’t focus on only one spot when you are initiating your sternocleidomastoid trigger point release. Focus on as many spots as you can find. If the spot is tender, does it recreate your original pain complaint? If so, hold that pressure for 30 seconds to a minute only. Then move to the next spot.

Always start with self treatments before you begin a stretching or strengthening program.

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