How To Make Your Own Anti-Aging Facial Oil | ALL SKIN TYPES ♡

How To Make Your Own Anti-Aging Facial Oil | ALL SKIN TYPES ♡

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Hey Dolls!

Ok first I must make a correction it’s a 2 oz. glass bottle. Either way I am so happy to make this video for you all! I’ve been an esthetician for over 10 years, so I definitely have a passion for all things beauty related. I highly suggest you look into the wonderful ingredients I used in all the facial oil so you can see what a powerhouse these oils are.

Most of the ingredients can be purchased at your local health food store like Whole Foods, or at an Online store like Amazon, or a highly reputable online store such an
The important factor to keep in mind is to make sure the oils are organic or cold pressed if not both.


Ingredients & Recipe

Combination/Oily Facial Oil:

– 1/2 oz Grape seed oil (organic, cold pressed)
– 1-2 full dropper Rosehip seed oil* (organic, cold pressed)
– 7-19 drops Geranium essential oil

*The more oily or acne the skin the less rose hip seed oil

Normal/Dry Facial Oil:

– 1/2 oz Avocado oil(organic, cold pressed)
– 2-3 full dropper of Rosehip seed oil (organic, cold pressed)
– 7-10 drops Geranium essential oil




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