How to Make Beer Soap

How to Make Beer Soap

Feel free to use another beer, different colors and new scents. Get creative.

Beer is good for skin and hair. It contains lots of minerals and B vitamins and has been used in topical skincare for thousands of years! From ancient Egypt to be exact. Studies have shown that using beer on your skin can reduce sebum production and also has anti-bacterial properties. This is good news if you suffer from acne or oily complexion. Beer helps maintain the PH balance of skin. Since it’s so good for both dry and oily skin, it’s a complete hit for combination skin types. Beer, like wine, is rich in anti-oxidants. Beer is used topically to treat flaky skin, smooth rough texture skin and for clearing your complexion.

Here is the recipe I used. This is a Castile soap.

13.9oz previously boiled beer, I am using Killians Irish Red
6.1oz Sodium Hydroxide, also called lye or caustic soda, available here:
48oz Olive Oil, I prefer extra virgin grade but you can use any grade
2oz Cassia Essential Oil; I purchased mine here:
You can substitute for another essential oil or omit the essential oil
red clay
moss green color from
optionally, used for swirling and texturing, an alan key and a spoon

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