Energy Cleansing a Room With ESSENTIAL OILS [Clear Out Bad Vibes]

Energy Cleansing a Room With ESSENTIAL OILS [Clear Out Bad Vibes]

Have you ever walked into a room at home, your job, school or a business and just felt like the room had bad vibes or a gross feeling? Maybe it felt heavy, sad or angry. You can clear out those bad vibes with essential oils! Pure grade essential oils, like the kind from Doterra or Young Living, are able to uplift a room and clear out negative energy with their aroma. Choose your favorite scent and follow the steps in the video or do your own research to find the best energy cleansing techniques for you. Below are some of the articles and blogs that inspired this video. It is very helpful to read up on what each essential oil is really good for. I recommend peppermint, lavender and frankincense for clearing energy.

Articles on Clearing Energy with Essential Oils

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