DIY Travel Essential Oils Kit (No Sew)

DIY Travel Essential Oils Kit (No Sew)

Hi everyone! My name is Judy from Happy Holistics and today, I’m going to show you how I make my travel essential oils kit. I say it’s for travel, but you can use it at work, camping, etc – you can use it anywhere as long as it’s not a scent-free zone. You’d want to be mindful of people with allergies – even if essential oils are natural, they can still trigger allergenic responses in sensitive individuals. Some oils also smell like medicine and/or unpleasant to others, so again, be respectful of other people.

You’ll need:
* Glass essential oil bottles – I chose 1ml containers for their portability.
* A container to keep them together – I’d stick to a hard case container, like this tin – simply for the extra protection – I wouldn’t want my glass bottles to break in a cloth bag or have a ziploc bag splitting on me. The size will depend on how many oils you want to keep with you and how big your bottles are.
* You’ll need your “must-have” EOs – this list will be different depending on your needs and what you can’t live without. I’ll share with you which ones I use the most towards the end of this video.
* You’ll also need labels. Washi tape and a pen works just fine. My writing is neither tiny nor legible, so I printed mine. You can also buy them, but they’re kind of pricey.

How To:

* First choose your oils so you know how to size and customize the rest of your kit.
* Fill your travel-sized containers, snap on the orifice reducers, then screw on the lids and label them as you go.
* Make sure that you have a container big enough to fit all the ones you want to take – I don’t like them to move too much, so I’ve got an empty ‘place holder’ – for whenever I want to add another oil.

My Picks:

* The only oil I bring everywhere with me is Peppermint for headaches. It’s also great for repelling spiders, reducing nausea and reducing motion sickness.
* For travel, I bring Lavender for good sleep and spot treatment for pimples, burns and bug bites. It’s also used for headaches.
* Tea Tree is also good for pimples and bug bites – but since I’ve got lavender that does that and more, I could leave this at home. I am mentioning it so that you would know that you can use whatever oils you already have if it has a similar action – you don’t have to go out and buy a new bottle oil.
* I like eucalyptus for clearing the sinuses or using it for colds. It helps to repel bugs, so if you’re camping or spending time in nature, you can apply a couple of drops.
* And lemon – don’t laugh – but I like to have it on hand to remove sticky goo and to clean stuff – like you never know when you might roll over a piece of gum with your luggage and it just sticks there or leave residue. It also smells nice, so it’s a great pick-me-up.
* If you’re concerned about getting sick – oil of oregano is anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic – but I’d bring the full size. Oil of oregano is diluted while Oregano EO is not. Since both are still super potent, you might consider adding a carrier oil before filling the entire bottle.

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