DIY Scented Candle ?for Aromatherapy | Oslove Holiday Series Finale

DIY Scented Candle ?for Aromatherapy | Oslove Holiday Series Finale

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Hey Guys! This is it! The finale of the Oslove Holiday Series. I really hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out Oslove Organics for all of your DIY ingredient needs for the highest quality creations.

Today, we are making a super simple aromatherapy candle with notes of orange, vanilla, and clove essential oils. It literally smells like warm, sherbet ice cream. Use this candle for a relaxing bath, to relieve stress on wash day, to calm the mind, to improve mood, or to get rid of anxiety.

Ingredients | Measurements (g = grams)

Candle Holder (3.25 in D x 3.75 in H)(D=diameter x H=height)

?Pure Yellow Beeswax Granules | 108.86 g

?Candelilla Wax | 34.02 g

?Coconut oil | 25.51 g

– Essential oils | 1.70 g or to desire

(Make your Own Scented Candle) Links to Ingredients Used

– Yellow Beeswax granules:

– Candelilla Wax:

– Extra virgin organic coconut oil:


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