DIY: "BE YOURSELF" Essential Oil Blend

DIY: "BE YOURSELF" Essential Oil Blend

Watch Mary make the “Be Yourself” essential oil blend. Each month I create an essential oil blend that’s focused on the topic of the month. This month’s podcast topic is IDENTITY. Use this blend to help you come home to your authentic self. And don’t forgot to check out my podcast LIVING FULLY ALIVE that comes out every Wednesday.

“Be yourself is used when a person is on a journey of self-discovery. The noise of society, family expectations, and what media teaches often. are in conflict with your true nature. This blend guides you to be true to yourself, and never let another person define who you are and what you are capable of. We are limitless beings with abounding creative energy. Our role is to focus that energy into the projects we are meant to bring to fruition.” – Desiree Mangandog

Essential oils are a powerful tool to help you connect with your emotions and your body. And this blend will further help you integrate your true self.


Bergamot: Helps you to fall in love with yourself! It is the. oil that teachers unconditional self-acceptance. Bergamot eliminates negative self-criticism that stops you from moving forward.

Coriander: The oil of honesty. Most people are in denial of their passions and dreams, in the effort to be “practical” and pay the bills. Coriander will leaf you to be honest with yourself and demand more out of life than just making a living.

Clary Sage: Opens your spiritual vision. to see your truth. When you become intimate with your spirit, you will begin to genuinely understand who you are and the power that resides within. This will blow your mind.

Rosemary: Expands your perception of reality and guides you to look deep within. It. also helps with the transition of higher self awareness.

Frankincense: Obliterates darkness and brings the truth to light.

Cinnamon: Ignites passion and enthusiasm for living your purpose.

Spearmint: Instills confidence and brings clarity to your truth.

Vetiver: Grounds you in all this newfound love and appreciation for yourself.

Black Pepper: Pulls off all of the fake masks you have put on to pretend you are happy and have your life together.

Clove: Instills power and conviction of your truth.

Wild Orange: Brings gladness to the heart and joy for your journey.

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