Dancing Funnel Soap Making – Soap Challenge Club

Dancing Funnel Soap Making – Soap Challenge Club

This was my dancing funnel soap making entry for the August 2016 Soap Challenge Club. Link to recipe below. I used activated charcoal for the color. Thank you so much for watching! – Holly

For more information on this soap (including the RECIPE), you can visit my blog post at:

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The dancing funnel technique was invented by Tatsiana Serko and Jelena Vasiljeva. Tatsiana was also our guest teacher this month. Both Tatsiana and Jelena are incredibly talented and make the most beautiful soaps. Here are some links to their websites:

Tatsiana – Creative Soap by Steso –
Jelena – Soap Techniques –

Note: I stirred my soap for a very long time, pulsing the stick blender as I stirred. With this method and particular recipe, it took me quite a long time to reach an emulsion. By the time I hand stirred my essential oils and colors into the soap and then shook the squeeze bottles a bit, the soap was finally at a light trace.

Remember to always wear safety glasses and gloves when making soap. If you’ve never made cold process soap before, check out these helpful videos:
Soap Queen TV –
Amanda Aaron of Lovin’ Soap –

Natural colorant used:
Activated Charcoal mixed in Sunflower Oil – 1 tsp per cup of soap

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