Chameli Attar Benefites

Chameli Attar Benefites

Chameli Attar is prepared from Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers, which are one of the most versatile flowers and have lovely floral smell.The fragrance of Chameli attar is said to creates strong protective energy against disturbing influences and help to keep positive environment around your house. The derived attar has in it aphrodisiac properties which is very beneficial to improve sexual desire and libido that helps in increasing vitality as well as. Further, this attar is also used in headaches.

It has amazing capabilities to improve skin texture naturally. It will enhance the skin health and make it soft and smooth as well as provide natural glow. Due to its skin caring nature, it is widely used to produce cosmetic products especially skin care creams, lotions, talcum powders, bathing soaps and many more.

Aroma therapists use it widely in their techniques to alleviate health problems effectively. Nervous related problems like stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other are best treated with this perfume oil.

Therapeutic : The therapeutic properties possessed by this attar are anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, relaxant, sedative, expectorant and others.

Medicinal Uses : This attar has amazing medicinal benefits to cure general skin problems as well as enhance the overall health of your skin. With its skin improving capabilities, it can help your skin to get softness and elasticity naturally which enhance the beauty of skin as well as erase the ageing signs on your skin. Your skin gets natural glow with this perfume oil. It is also used as an ingredient in the formulation of different cosmetic products and medicines.

Aromatherapy : With the amazing capabilities to revive and recharge your body and mind, it is widely used to cure many mental troubles. Stress, tension and depression become the common problems now days and this attar can help to alleviate these conditions effectively while used with aromatherapy techniques.

Improve Libido : Due to its remarkable aphrodisiac nature, since ancient times Champa Attar is used for improving the relation between couples. It can effectively enhance the sexual appetite and make it sustainable for long time. Many of the sex related problems like loss of sexual interest, temporarily impotency and others can be treated effectively with this perfume oil.

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