Best Essential Oils for Sleep | Relax, Relieve Stress and Rest Easy

Best Essential Oils for Sleep | Relax, Relieve Stress and Rest Easy

Today I’m sitting with the amazing Hope Gillerman, master aromatherapist and founder of H. Gillerman Organics, talking about the best essential oils for sleep. There are MANY essential oils that are great for sleep (yay), and Hope takes us through the many options, and what’s best for your specific situation!

Spikenard Essential Oil //
Melissa Essential Oil //
Vetiver Essential Oil //
Frankincense Essential Oil //
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil //
Geranium Essential Oil //
Clary Sage Essential Oil //
German Chamomile Essential Oil //
Sandalwood Essential Oil //
Neroli Essential Oil //
Rose Essential Oil //
Vanilla Essential Oil //
Lavender Essential Oil //
Sweet Orange Essential Oil //
Mandarin Essential Oil //

Here is a link to Hope’s amazing book, Essential Oils Every Day //

And here is a link to H. Gillerman Organics //

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