Awesome doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Awesome doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Did you know?
Lavender means “to wash” in Latin and is likely the most used essential oil globally. This is for good reason, as it serves in all things calming (stress is worldwide yo)!

Some common uses of doTERRA lavender essential oil:
You can use lavender aromatically (breathing it in), topically (if you can point to it, you can put it there), and internally (lavender water anyone?)

The main benefits of lavender oil includes:
– Known for its calming properties
– Ability to soothe occasional skin irritations
– Great for reducing stress and promoting a better night’s rest

How to use lavender oil:
– Add 3-5 drops in a 4 hour diffuser

– Add 1-2 drops in hands then breathe in

– Apply 1-2 drops to skin with 1 tbl sp of fractionated coconut oil to moisturize skin (or just enough FCO to coat palms of hands)

In Summary:
Lavender essential oil is calming, regenerating, and soothing to the skin and mind. Lavender blends well with clary sage, wild orange, and frankincense.

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