Anxiety nervousness powerlessness worry fear impending doom trembling emotional wellness hair loss

Anxiety nervousness powerlessness worry fear impending doom trembling emotional wellness hair loss

Valerian essential oil is an effective remedy for anxiety, It aids in stabilizing mood & emotions while relaxing the mind while providing grounding effect. It is great diffused or on an aromatherapy pendant. Valerian essential oil can be diluted with equal amounts of carrier oil & applied to the temples.

Mellow with Marjoram is a very powerful mood stabilizer nicknamed “herb of happiness” calming the nerves while promoting a mellow mindset. Applying to the back of the neck with fingertips when mixed in equal parts carrier oil is recommended. It can be diffused, inhaled directly or used with an aromatherapy pendant.

Emotional wellness is essential to life. Finding a balance with Cassia essential oil through its sweet spicy aroma imparting physical & emotional stamina, reducing irritability bringing a feeling of contented relaxation without causing drowsiness.
Cassia irritates when applied topically so aromatherapeutic effects are required.
Inhale the aroma of cassia directly or diffuse in the space we are. An aromatherapy pendant is effective too.

Lower stress with patchouli essential oil by how it interacts with our limbic system imparting an immediate calming effect. We can use it any way we like. It is beneficial to our skin too enjoyable topically. Inhaling the aroma of patchouli directly when feeling stressed or diffusing it at home or workspace.

Hair loss if not genetic is caused by stress, hormonal changes, illness, childbirth, certain drugs & cosmetic procedures may contribute to losing hair premature. Male pattern baldness when genetic is inevitable & unavoidable. In other cases natural remedies may help hair follicles resume normal hair production.

Bay spritz having bay essentially oil has been used in hair tonics with its sweet spicy scent, strong antiseptic with astringent properties has been used widely to counter hair loss.

Melissa hot oil treatment having the essential oil calms stress & eliminates bacterial plays part in natural hair restoration applications as long as the causes are neither hormonal nor genetic.