5 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Hacks and Tips

5 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Hacks and Tips

In this video I share with you a 5 tips, hacks and how to learn from my mistakes when using essential oils in everyday life.

Learn about:

-Alternative ways to diffuse
-Easy way to remove dropper tops / orifice reducers & roller balls
-Affording Rose, Sandalwood, etc. oils on a budget
-Recording your recipes
-Makeshift inhalers

Tip: If you want to know how many drops to use of a diluted oil in a bath/body recipes (never use carrier oil mixed essential oils in a diffuser), simply divide the number of full strength drops needed by the amount of dilution of the oil you are using – Rose Otto or Sandalwood in the case of the oils I have here. Say you need 3 drops of full strength rose or sandalwood, this is how it works: 3/.28=10.71, so you could round down to 10 or up to 11 drops from the bottle.

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•If you have health issues or concerns, seek the advice of a qualified and licensed healthcare professional before using essential oils.

XOX | Hope Maria

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