🔮 Welcome to my 100% Natural Apothecary 🍃 Discounted Items & FREE shipping

🔮 Welcome to my 100% Natural Apothecary 🍃 Discounted Items & FREE shipping


Welcome to my channel 🤗😁 I wanted to introduce to you the NEW HEALING & INTENTION OILS in my Etsy shop. These oils are made with 100% NATURAL ingredients!
The LOVE GODDESS OIL is set to call in LOVE, or heal a broken heart. ❤
The BEAUTY OIL is to bring beautiful people, objects into your life, or simply to make you feel beautiful with floral scents and citrus to energize. 🧚‍♀️
The HEALING HALO heals so many ailments from headaches, sore muscles, to the common cold crafted with refreshing peppermint, eucalyptus and grapefruit. Also, I encourage you to set your own intentions upon these oils 🌻
This does not even cover the natural healing elements derived from plants contained in these oils. For more information visit my Etsy shop or Ebay store at the links below 🙏🧚‍♀️💓 or email me with any questions. Sending you many blessings in light and love ❤

For personal one on one private readings please email me at the below with the details of your questions.

To contact me please email me at: PriestessofGaiaTarot@gmail.com

IG: @priestess_of_gaia

Please keep your eyes open for the GRAND OPENING OF MY APOTHECARY!!

HEALING HALO: 100% Natural Organic Therapeutic Grade Healing Oil for HEADACHE & MUSCLE TENSION & COLD RELIEF:

LOVE GODDESS OIL 🌹: 100% Natural Organic Therapeutic Grade LOVE Oil:

BEAUTY BOMB OIL 😍: 100% Natural Organic Therapeutic Grade BEAUTY Oil:

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